Dikt'art is an independent French brand founded in early 2015 in Tours.

Born from a passion for fashion and inspired by street art, skateboarding, hip-hop culture, photography, contemporary art and emerging cultures, the brand evolves over the months and trends, while keeping the same aspiration: to offer authentic and high quality products that meet ethical, fair and responsible manufacturing standards.

Although the collections are mainly aimed at men for the moment, women can own t-shirts, sweatshirts and snapbacks by playing the oversize card.

Dikt'art regularly seeks talented artists to work with in order to create new collections that are challenging - sometimes provocative - without neglecting the art of simplicity and basics.

All items are printed in France using screen printing or a digital printer, in order to guarantee the best possible printing quality.

Ethics, durability & sustainable development

We are demanding because we want to create products that are both original and long-lasting. Quality is a priority in our daily work.

Sustainable development is about acting for the good of all. It begins with respect for both living and human beings. And it continues with the preservation of our environment and resources for future generations.

Ethics is at the heart of many discussions. Especially when it comes to textile production in Asia. We are aware of this and we want to be transparent on this subject. The question to ask is not where we produce but rather how we produce. Like other responsible brands, we have proven that it is possible to produce by respecting the condition of water workers beyond that by helping them develop new skills and be happy and proud of their work.

Since our beginnings, we have seen great changes and progress in our suppliers, but also in our customers. This shows that mentalities and practices are changing in several ways.

Dikt'art was created with the conviction that the textile industry must act in a much more responsible way. From the raw material to the finished product, not to mention transport and marketing, we act responsibly.

We are committed to being responsible for our environmental and social impact throughout our production chain, starting with the raw material that uses only organic cotton, wool, tencel, modal or recycled polyester.

By using organic cotton, we significantly reduce our water consumption. We promote crop rotations and biodiversity. As we do not use GMOs, our cotton is softer and you feel it immediately on your skin. The other types of fabrics we use also allow us to preserve nature or contribute to the recycling of plastic waste.

To ensure that the entire production chain is responsible, we are committed and certified by various labels such as GOTS, OCS Blended, OCS 100 and Oeko tex.

From the supply of fibres to the distribution of finished products, we control the social and environmental responsibility of each process and supplier.

Our creations are mainly produced in Asia (China and Bangladesh) and in Europe for a few special creations (Portugal and Turkey). We work with only a few factories, which allows us to carry out quality controls on a daily basis and to ensure that our standards and socio-environmental norms are respected.